Kirkpatrick Whyte offers clients the opportunity to present their applications for consideration to the Home Office on a same day basis at one of the seven Premium Service Centres across the UK. In collaboration with you, we schedule a suitable appointment, then accompany you and any family members to your preferred Centre. We guide you through the process with authority and empathy, keeping you fully informed of progress throughout the day.

Kirkpatrick Whyte does not use a third-party provider to present our ‘same day’ applications. We believe it is essential for the Liaison Officer to fully understand all aspects of each case to effectively support our clients during the process. Should the UKVI caseworkers have additional questions or require further details, having a Liaison Officer familiar with the specifics of an application can alter the outcome on the day.

Your Liaison Officer will be present throughout the process, aiming to make what can be a daunting process, a positive experience.