British Nationality

It is possible to live quite happily in the UK with settled status, however securing British Citizenship further secures your stay and ensures your family continues to enjoy the benefits of living in the UK.

A majority of people will be eligible to apply for British Citizenship once they have obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain and completed a further 12 months’ residence in the UK. You may even be eligible to apply sooner, if you are married to a British Citizen.

Nationality applications have become increasingly complex in recent years, with extensive documentary evidence required to support your claims. It is critical the case is presented in the best possible manner as processing times can be lengthy.

We have been assisting clients to naturalise or register as British Citizens for over 25 years and are well-placed to prepare and present a successful application on your behalf. We will utilise our expertise to identify any potential issues with your case, supporting you at every stage of the application to streamline the process and maximise the chance of securing a favourable outcome.