Sponsor Licences

The sponsor licence application process can seem arduous, with extensive company documentation and robust processes required to manage and monitor your migrant workforce. Once obtained, the sponsor licence must be carefully nurtured and maintained.

Sponsors are obliged to adhere to strict record-keeping and reporting policies. The Home Office reserves the right to audit sponsors at any time and may suspend or even revoke a licence should areas of non-compliance be identified.

Kirkpatrick Whyte can help you navigate the challenging process of securing a Sponsor Licence and then manage the on-going employment of migrant workers. We collaborate with firms in many sectors and understand what each business genuinely needs; advising on the viability of individual requirements, from the “one off” hire, to the recruitment of an entire team.

Once obtained, maintaining and ensuring continued compliance of a Sponsor Licence is a crucial, ongoing, statutory requirement. Kirkpatrick Whyte works in partnership with you to ensure your company fulfils its obligations, every step of the way.