Compliance and Training

All UK employers are duty bound to prevent illegal working in compliance with the UK immigration rules.

The Home Office expect sponsoring companies to maintain a thorough understanding of the Sponsor Licence guidance notes and regulations. Sponsors are expected to have in place robust systems and processes to effectively manage and monitor migrant workers, and strategies in force to identify areas of non-compliance.

Adherence to the Prevention of Illegal Working regulations is of paramount importance, and clear “right to work” checking policies must be implemented across your business. Significant civil penalties exist for businesses found to be employing migrants in breach of their conditions, where “right to work” checking procedures have not been complied with.

Kirkpatrick Whyte’s experienced team works with clients and HR teams to identify potential issues and advise on improving HR and management processes.

Our suite of services includes:

  • Mock Audits
  • Immigration updates
  • Compliance training
  • Maintenance of your ongoing compliance obligations
  • Online reporting of any changes of circumstances to your migrant workforce
  • Reporting of organisational changes such as acquisitions, mergers, TUPE

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