Introduction to Business Immigration

Kirkpatrick Whyte offers a comprehensive and cost-conscious programme of support to our business clients, incorporating:

  • Sponsor Licence compliance assessments
  • HR policy reviews and recommendations
  • Right to Work training and process guidance
  • Complementary immigration training sessions on relevant topics
  • Representation at Home Office audits
  • Complementary technical support line, enabling you to address any immigration concerns immediately

We specialise in UK immigration support; our core services are designed to lift the pressure and stress often caused by complex immigration regulations. We simplify the process by:

  • Project planning, ensuring you are equipped with a transparent fee schedule, process timings and any potential ‘red flags’
  • Offering complementary assessment of the viability of each individual case
  • Designing processes tailor made to your requirements
  • Providing an immediate response to your requests, progressing each case on the date of instruction
  • Tightening processing times to ensure visas are issued as quickly as possible
  • Liaising with the candidate directly, discussing their specific needs and offering them reassurance and guidance as required
  • Creating compliance packs on completion of each case to ensure your personnel files fully comply with regulations
  • Operating a renewal reminder service, providing you with 4 months planning time
  • Keeping you informed, we circulate monthly newsletters

Our Approach

Our ultimate aim is to get your people in the right place at the right time whilst managing your business expectations. In addition, our approach involves a focus on mitigating your exposure to the risks of non-compliance, whilst being flexible enough to meet the business and assignee’s needs. In doing our job well, the immigration process can be looked on as a formality that we simply help your assignees to navigate, whilst they (and you) focus on the bigger picture for the business.

Our emphasis is on:

Minimising exposure to financial penalties

Speeding up the process of transferring your assignees

Keeping your HR teams fully informed

Timely reminders of visa expiration