Equal Opportunities

In all aspects of communication with our clients, our team promotes our shared core values, which include respect, equality, clarity, excellent customer service and value for money. We extend these values to everyone, regardless of gender, background, disability, religion, nationality or orientation.

Environmental Impact

We encourage our staff to look for energy-saving opportunities. This includes switching off electrical equipment, use of modern offices with state of the art energy-saving lighting, increasing email and e-file use and double-sided copying and printing to save paper. Our use of an online client management system also reduces our use of paper.

Workplace Practices

  • We provide all staff with access to internal and external training
  • We comply strictly with regulations set down by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) and all other relevant UK legislation
  • We train all our staff in our core values in relation to customer services and service level agreement (SLA) standards. The training is client focused and ensures that our team is familiar with the working practices of our individual clients.
  • We focus on staff satisfaction, including good working hours, high staff to client ratio, regular staff training and appraisal, staff feedback and social and networking events with staff and with clients.
  • We encourage feedback from clients about satisfaction levels to see if we are meeting our core values.